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21 -April -2019
Latin America Serenades Fidel PDF Print E-mail
HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 11 (acn) The Serenade of Fidelity, slated for August 12, will be the tribute of Latin America to Cuban leader Fidel Castro on the occasion of his 85th birthday, and will  bring together over 20 foreign and Cuban voices at the capital’s Karl Marx Theater, in an evening anticipating August 13.So far, the presentation, convened by the Guayasamin Foundation, includes 22 soloists and music groups from Cuba and another seven countries of the continent, in addition to an European singer.

In the form of an expression as old and genuine as a serenade, the spirit of Ecuadorian painter Oswaldo Guayasamin will permeate the event, commented during a press conference Uruguayan artist Daniel Viglietti.
 The singer-songwriter, one of the participants in the presentation, asserted that it will be a tribute to Fidel’s thinking.lfredo Vera, director for International Relations of the Foundation named after the famous painter, announced that the event is an expression of endless love, and recalled the ingenious way in which Guayasamin managed to convince his very close friend Fidel to accept the celebration of his birthday in 1988. Joining Viglietti on stage for the three-hour performance will be Omara Portuondo (Cuba), Pablo Nuevo (Ecuador), Cecilia Todd (Venezuela), Liliana Herrero and Raly Barrionuevo (Argentina) and Ricardo Flecha (Paraguay).

Also offering their art will be Braulio Lopez (Uruguay), Pancho Villa (Chile), the Cuban groups Buena Fe, Anonimo Consejo and Moncada, and vocalists Maria Victoria and Candido Fabre, among others.

At that time, Marcela wrote a poem, the verses of which are included in today’s “Retrato de Fidel con Palomas,” one of the songs that participants to the serenade will enjoy.

Peruvian singer Marcela Perez, who will also perform, recalled that five years ago she felt the caudal of love that emerged from the event entitled “Todas las voces, todas”, with the presence of interpreters from the five continents, who expressed their appreciation for the Cuban leader’s example of loyalty and solidarity.

The serenade, in which renowned Latin American intellectuals will also take part, will be broadcast live by Cuban television, as well as by the Radio Progreso and Radio Havana Cuba radio stations

Cuba Urges U.S. to Grant Gerardo Hernandez Access to Appeal Documents

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 11 (acn) Cuba's National Assembly of the People’s Power urged once again American authorities to allow Gerardo Hernandez –one of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters imprisoned in the U.S., to access the legal documents required for his extraordinary appeal.

press release posted at and www.cubadebate.curecounts that on August 1 the Cuban parliament denounced the arbitrarytreatment given to Gerardo Hernandez who has been denied access todocuments related with his case. 


Hernandez, sentenced to two life terms plus 15 years, was arrested in1998, in Miami, along with Rene Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerreroand Fernando Gonzalez for monitoring anti-Cuba terrorist organizationsbased in Florida. 


The Cuban Parliament’s statement issued this Thursday says Hernandez’scurrent situation is the same as 10 days ago when the aforementioned claim was filed. On August 1, the Cuban Parliament agreed to step up the fight for therelease of the Cuban Five pointing the need to bring down the wall ofsilence that allows Washington to perpetuate the injustice on the Cuban Five.
“We have to demand American authorities to deliver the information theyare hiding about their plot with so-called “journalists” from Miami whoslandered the Cuban Five and provoked and threatened members of the jury,despite protests by the judge herself,” the statement reads. 

The Cuban parliament urged the U.S. government to take out satellite
images they have been keeping away for 15 years likely because they willreveal the true location of the 24-Feb-1996 incident –when the Brothers tothe Rescue aircrafts that violated the Cuban air space were shot down-,for which Hernandez was claimed responsible though there no evidences proving so.